Finding the Best Equestrian Boots Online

Are you planning to buy a new pair of equestrian boots? You might think that the process would be easy, especially considering that many vendors now sell online. If you’re not careful, however, you might end up wasting your money. This applies in particular if you don’t know exactly what to purchase. It’s important that you equip yourself with the right information in order to make the right choice. In this resource, you’ll learn some useful tips on how to find the best equestrian boots online.

Choose the Right Type

Your first order of business is to determine what type of equestrian boots you need. The most popular are paddock boots, which only go up to the ankle. This makes them very comfortable to wear. They’re often the go-to choice of beginners because of their resistance to dirt, water damage, and general wear and tear.

Field boots are also a great option. They’re great if you plan on joining competitions at lower levels. These boots are stiffer than paddock boots, but not as stiff as dress or dressage boots. They provide a good balance of stiffness and comfort, making it virtually pain-free to move.

If you’re a more experienced rider, then dress boots should rank high on your list. These horse riding boots come without laces and hold shape. Expect a higher price tag on these boots because of the quality of materials used. Dress boots are often seen in many English competitions. But if you’re competing at the highest levels, then dressage boots are your best bet.

Dressage boots are the stiffest of all. They require a lot of time to break in, so expect your movement to feel restricted. You also need to be a skilled rider in order to use these boots effectively. While they’re not the most comfortable, they prove to be of the highest quality.

Be Sure of the Fit

It doesn’t matter what type of boots you get and how expensive they are; if they don’t fit you right, they’re a waste of money. Sure, you can choose to be stubborn and wear them for hours on end, but don’t be surprised if your calves get sore the rest of the day.

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Pick the Right Stiffness and Height

As noted, dress and dressage boots are the stiffest you can have. These boots wouldn’t scrunch anywhere, so getting the perfect height is of utmost importance. Otherwise, you’ll feel pain even with the slightest movements. If you’re getting dress or dressage boots, a good rule of thumb is to do a squat and if you don’t feel any pain, then the height is just right for you.

Compare Prices

You can find the best equestrian boots online. In fact, you can often find better deals online than in retail stores because of discounts and vouchers. Of course, the problem is you wouldn’t be able to try the boots first. The solution is to visit a local store and find the boots you’re interested in. Afterward, try finding the exact boots online. This can be a bit of a hassle, but it ensures that you’ll get your money’s worth.